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News Team Member

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Published By

Storm FM Recruitment

Type of Job

Part-Time Voluntary

Closing Date

31 Dec 2020

About us

We are an online radio station based in the UK broadcasting across the world. We play a range of music from the 80's up to today's chart-topping hits.

About the job

As a News Team Member, you will write news reports for our website on behalf of the Storm FM Newsroom. You will keep a lookout for any breaking news stories through other news media giants and work to get the reports on our website as quickly as possible.

Please note: This position is 100% voluntary and successful applicants will receive no financial gain from applying for this role


This role requires you to work from your home location, as we do not own a studio or office. To apply for this role, you must be able to match the following criteria:

  • You will be able to work quickly and effectively to write news reports for our website on any breaking news that may occur.

  • You will have excellent use of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

  • You have your own computer and stable internet connection.


  • You will be joining a quickly growing group of individuals who are dedicated to bringing listeners the best experience possible.

  • You will work under a friendly and caring management team.

  • Flexibility in the work you complete.

  • Around the clock technical support within the organisation.

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